1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Tribute with a 740 HP Hemi 572 and automatic transmission.

This car is completely restored and in amazing condition. The car is full of new original stock parts and high-quality reproduction parts from the best companies out there! 

1971 Plymouth Cuda 426 Hemi
They only built 107 of these original cars, which were divided into 48 automatic versions and 59 4-speed versions. The cost of an original starts at 600,000 dollars and goes up to more than 1 million dollars. Most of us, or any car collector or enthusiast, cannot afford or will not even want to have one like that, because driving a car like that would make you very nervous because this original car is so expansive. People are building tributes, and this is one of them. But its build has a very nice and very strong drivetrain, which is better than the original. And the overall quality of the build is also very high; with this actual tribute, you can drive without being nervous about getting problems with your original engine, transmission, or the whole car. This car is really built to drive and to use! Building a 1971 Cuda Tribute from nothing until something spectacular needs a good explanation. Here below is an overview of all the custom parts that were used to build this car.

The Body
This 1971 Hemi Cuda tribute is build with 1971 AMD sheet metal front fenders, front valance, and shaker hood and has received new quarter panels, trunk floor, extensions, and rear valance. The header panel is a factory-original, new-old stock part; this car is built with the best sheet metal there is! The car is stiffened with US Car Tool Body stiffening parts, so the fender braces are from them, as are the subframe connectors and the other braces that are used to stiffen the body and make it ready for the 740 horsepower Hemi! To build this 71 Cuda tribute, there is a real original 71 Cuda grill that was found, restored, and installed on this car. The front and rear bumpers are reproduction rubber bumpers from the brand Ben Snobar, also a high-quality reproduction manufacturer.

When this car was built, the focus was to use the best parts as possible, so it's built with a combination of the best possible new parts and also a lot of original parts. In the picture gallery, you will find a picture of the sheet metal finished and the car ready for painting. This picture tells you more than all our words: that body looks perfect and is very clean before it got painted into the deep black high gloss finishing with multiple layers. The paint is also protected by a ceramic coating and is polished back to a mirror finish! This car looks really perfect! It's one of the best paint jobs we have seen in a very long time. It has a Repro shaker kit from Ben Snobar. This body was built in Europe, finished in Europe, and is painted in Europe!

The Engine & Exhaust system
This 572 Hemi Engine is built by FHO in Canada; they build a completely new 572 Hemi engine. With a new bare engine block from Mega Block from Mopar Performance & new aluminum Heads Stage 5, and the best parts to gain the engine horsepower up to 740 horsepower, in the picture gallery is a dynosheet that proves the horsepower & torque of this monster engine! The engine is breathing out through a complete 3-inch TTI exhaust system with ceramic-coated headers, high-flow mufflers, and stainless steel exhaust tips.

The Transmission:
There is only one person in the world who builds the best 727 Chrysler transmissions, and that is Rick Allison from A&A Transmissions. This older man has the best parts for these transmissions and also builds the best transmissions, so the transmission for this 71 Hemi Cuda is also built on a custom order by A&A Transmissions.

The Rear Axle & Driveshaft:
To handle all this horsepower, you have to have a Dana 60 rear axle under your car, so this car has a brand new Strange Engineering Dana 60 rear axle with a 3.55 ratio. The driveshaft is a custom-built shaft with the best U joints and connectors.

The Brakes
With the build of this car, they have installed a correct-style Hemi Power brake booster, and the front and rear brakes are upgraded with Doctor Diff Brake parts. This car brakes perfectly!

The Suspension
The complete suspension and steering system is from Firm Feel inc in the USA. They build and sell only the best tuned suspension parts for an original-looking car; this car steers and handles perfectly.

The Wheels and Tires
For the correct original look, there are 7×15 inch Rally Wheels and factory-style Polyglas tires F60-15 installed.

Cooling System
For optimal cooling of the big engine and transmission, there is a 956 HEMI radiator from GlenRay installed, which makes sure the engine gets enough cooling!

Fuel System
The complete fuel system is upgraded and completely new, with EFI pump inside a tank, custom lines, an AN8 Teflon hose, filter, regulator, etc.

The Interior
For the build of this interior, the best available parts were used; the complete interior is new. So all the carpet, the seat covers, the headliner, the dash panels, the door panels, the console—everything is new and restored. The seat frames are sandblasted and repainted. The original dash frame is cleaned to bare metal and then repainted, and the complete dash cluster is rebuilt with new or restored gauges. For the complete car, a new wiring kit is installed. There is also a very nice rim-blow steering wheel installed! Overall, the interior is perfect! The trunk compartment is detailed with a space-saving wheel, an original jack stand and assembly, and an original-looking trunk mat!

Glass moldings, and weatherstripping
Original stainless window trim restored in the USA, Repro rocker moldings All new glass, AMD All new weatherstrips and paint-sealed gaskets All new marker lights, headlights, turn signals, and tail light lenses. Original taillight housings were restored by the builder.

This car comes with a Dutch registration!  We can trade in your current classic car, please ask our sales department for more information! We are selling this car for one of our clients.


1971 Plymouth Cuda 572 HEMI custom built

  • 1971
  • Plymouth
  • Cuda
  • Make Plymouth
  • Model Cuda
  • Milage 2 mi
  • Engine 572 cui
  • Transmission Automatic
  • VIN Number BP23G0E110701
  • Exterior Color Black
  • Interior Color Black
  • Condition Pro-touring
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