1970 Plymouth Superbird 440-4 barrel with automatic transmission

This is a real survivor, Superbird! For $289,500, you can buy this Superbird completely restored!

This Superbird hasn't seen any roads after 1985. This Bird has a registration sticker on the window that expires on October 1985. With an odometer reading of, 51047 on 31 October 1984 so around this time the car is put aside and isn't used anymore. It's harder to find a not restored Superbird than a restored Superbird, most of these birds are already restored or are in better condition cosmetically wise than this version. This Superbird is almost carrying his original paint everywhere. Some pieces had some respray, but there is never been welded on this car. Every sheet metal piece is original to this Bird, even the trunk and that is pretty rare, As for a Mopar the trunk is the weakest spot. There are a few small places that need some attention, but overall it's an easy restoration, we don't need to replace full panels.

The car is driveable and even registered to Belgium plates. The import taxes are paid, and the car has had a brake fix, and it had some small service's to make sure this car is safe again. The engine runs good, and the transmission shifts fine, but overall this car requires a restoration. They made a total of 1920 Superbirds in 1970 divided in three engine options a 440-4 barrel engine or a 440-6 (sixpack) engine or a 426 Hemi engine option, of this 440-4 barrel version. They made 466 four speeds and 618 Automatics, This Superbird is optioned with the following option:

Fender tag, line one:
05141 Gate number
167426 Assembly plant Superbird number

Line two:
115 440 4-bbl Automatic
052 8-3/4 rear axle 3.55:1 ratio
670 440 4-bbl Automatic trans

Line three:
26 26in. Radiator (found in all Superbirds)

Line four:
V19 Full vinyl top, special order (V19 - black on Superbird)
V88 Transverse stripes, deleted

Line five:
EW1 White exterior color
P6XA Premium trim—Vinyl bucket seats, charcoal/black
TX9 Black interior door frames
B30 Build date—Nov 30, 1969—all Superbirds show this date
J97677 Order number, also called "J number." Superbird specific—this car is the 1,299th Superbird built.

Line six:
E86 440 cid 4 barrel V8 (High Performance) 375hp
D32 Heavy Duty auto trans
RM23 Plymouth Belvedere Satellite, medium price range, Road Runner 2dHT
UOA 440 375hp 1-4bbl 8 cylinder, 1970, Lynch Road, MI, USA assembly plant (all Superbirds were built here)
166205 Sequence (serial) number

This is what is important for this Bird:

The Original Dash Vin is there
The Original Glass is still there
The Original engine & transmission is still there with vin Stamped
The Original Fendertag is still there
The Original Interior is still there
The Original Doorsticker is there
The Car is not restored & all sheetmetal is original
The Original Decals are still on the car
The Original Carbs is there K9 Date coded and 4738S for 440 Automatic 1970.
The Original Dealer notice on the Valve cover is still visible.

- Overall It's amazing to see and find out all is original and still in a good shape! The car is in our Showroom for showing it to the public & our clients.
- Car is registered and import taxes paid.

You can also buy this car with a full restoration plan, the costs will be 289500,-


  • 15-inch Rally style wheels
  • 8 3/4 Rear Axle
  • Bucket seats
  • Power brakes
  • Power disc brakes
  • Power steering
  • Rear spoiler


Engine type Bigblock
Engine size 440-4 Barrel
Estimated Horsepower  375
Heads  Steel Stock
Carburetor 4-Barrel
Intake  Steel 4 barrel
Transmission Type Automatic
Transmission Spec 3-speed 727
Front Suspension Type Torsion Bars
Rear Suspension Type Leaf springs
Front Brakes Drum
Rear Brakes Disc Brakes

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- The car comes with Beglium and EU import taxes paid and included
- All our cars are sold with complete service and inspection prior to delivery.
- On request, we can transport the car door to door worldwide!
- On request we can also sell the car with Dutch plates or assist with TUV (H)
-  For export outside EU or business to business price please contact our sales!

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1970 Plymouth Superbird SOLD

  • 1970
  • Plymouth
  • Superbird
  • Make Plymouth
  • Model Superbird
  • Milage 51500 mi
  • Engine 440 cui
  • Transmission Automatic
  • VIN Number RM23U0A166205
  • Exterior Color White
  • Interior Color Black
  • Condition Original
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