Pedal to the metal can offer you

To sell your classic car & or muscle car for you

Pedal to the metal can sell your car for you.

This service is pretty handy if you can’t sell your Muscle car on your own. There are tons of Muscle cars in the Netherlands, let alone in Europe. And selling one, especially if it’s worth some money, can be quite challenging. Here at Pedal to the Metal, we can try to sell the car for you. It will get a nice spot in our showroom, and it will also get the same promotion all our other cars get. When we come to an agreement and agree on the terms of the sale, we will provide you with a consignment contract. You pay a one-time entrance/consignment fee of 350 euros to cover our administrative costs.

First, we make a solid agreement with each other so that there can be no miscommunication. We make your car showroom ready and give it a professional photoshoot and a walk-around video for promotion. Then it will be put in various advertisements and on our website. We take 3 months for this. After this, we try to promote it and include it in our own promotional campaigns for around 6 months, and if it isn’t sold by then, we communicate with each other again and see what we can do. We only sell the car with your agreement. You also remain the legal owner until we have paid you the agreed amount of money, and we will provide the services of transporting the car to the new owner.

We promote cars in all sorts of matters; we promote them on Instagram, Facebook, we also promote your car on various targeted classic car selling websites; and our website is quite easy to find thanks to Google Ads campaigns. If people are looking for a Muscle car in Europe, they need to be here.

Your car will receive a nice spot in our showroom

Our showroom has regulated climate control to keep your car nice and warm.

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Our process for selling your classic car and the services we offer

Steps We Take to Sell Your Car:

First, we establish clear agreements regarding the desired selling price for your car. This ensures alignment between both parties and confirms the feasibility of selling the car at the specified price. The initial three months are dedicated to preparing the car for sale. Subsequently, it will be actively promoted and displayed in our showroom for an additional six months.

Check Up And Clean Up
Following that, the car undergoes a comprehensive inspection before receiving a thorough polishing treatment. This process ensures the vehicle is presented in pristine condition, with minor scratches effectively eliminated.

Preparing Your Car for Promotion

Once your car arrives at the showroom, it undergoes a comprehensive photoshoot to be featured in promotional materials. Additionally, a detailed walk-around video is created to provide customers with an immersive experience. Each consignment sales car receives comprehensive promotion, equivalent to our own vehicles.

Your car will be treated with the same level of care as our own vehicles. It will be prominently displayed in our showroom, accompanied by a detailed information sheet for potential clients. Additionally, it will be featured on our website, which is widely visited by car enthusiasts. Furthermore, we will actively promote your car across various social media platforms and through Google campaigns.

Whether Your Car Is Sold Or Remains Unsold
We’ll reach out to discuss next steps and make any necessary arrangements. If you wish to continue or attempt to sell your car independently, that’s entirely up to you. However, if your car is sold, we’ll handle all the necessary services for the sale process. Rest assured, we only proceed with the sale with your consent, and you’ll receive the agreed-upon amount of money. We’ll also provide the new owner with contracts and arrange transportation.

Pedal to the metal can also

Help you buy the car you desire!

Are you searching for your dream car? Pedal to the Metal has extensive contacts in the USA and over 15 years of experience in vehicle procurement. Our expertise enables us to effectively locate the right vehicles for our clients. Let us assist you in finding your ideal car-contact us to benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

Purchasing a classic car in America can present numerous challenges. Through our experience, we have learned to discern critical factors and overlook irrelevant details, allowing us to successfully acquire desired vehicles. However, for individuals unfamiliar with international purchases, particularly those unable to inspect the car firsthand, the process can be daunting. Despite assurances from the seller, uncertainties may arise regarding the car’s condition.

We also offer reliable overseas transportation services through various secure channels to ensure your dream car arrives safely without any damage. With our expertise, we know where and what to look for, having successfully assisted numerous clients in the past. Don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email, and let us help you find the car of your dreams!

We got a broad arrange of contacts

Trough the years we have build a broad arrange of clients and sellers. We might be able to find what you want.

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