High-quality classic American muscle cars in Europe!

Not just your generic car dealer, we provide a top-quality service. Specialized in 1965-1977 classic American muscle cars such as MOPAR and Shelby. We buy, sell, restore, and (re)build original and custom high-quality American muscle cars.

PTTM sells hand-picked cars that are fully checked in our garage and under perfect technical and optical conditions. You buy a turn-key-ready car that drives the lot today. When you’re looking for a truly great car and a solid investment, PTTM is the place to visit.

40+ years muscle car experience

No American muscle car is foreign to our Sales or Mechanical team. It's not our job, it's our passion!

The PTTM Promise

We maintain long-term relations with our clients because we do what we say we do!

All cars Turn-key ready

The cars in our showroom are ready to be driven of the lot. That's the kind of quality cars we offers.

Share your dream with us

Our team WILL find or build your ultimate dream car. It's not a matter of IF, but WHEN.

(Inter)national transportation services for your vehicle

Give us a call, we handle your car with great care and expertise. With a custom closed off trailer your muscle car will arrive fast, safe and dry!

Book us

Consider our consignment sales service. We'll take care of the entire process of selling your American muscle car and get the price you want.

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This is what we do and we do it perfectly

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Turn-key ready inventory

Buying a muscle car is exciting. Every car is serviced and detailed before it hits the showroom, and after a purchase it will receive a last check-up!

Transmissions & drivelines

We sell transmission, driveline, suspension and axle services, right at our garage. Contact our mechanical team for estimates and availability.

V8 Engines for sale

No muscle car is truly complete without it's heart, a rumbling V8. Contact us for our latest inventory of (racing) engines for sale.

Worldwide Delivery of cars & parts

Finding the right parts for your classic car can be challenging. PTTM got you covered! We will find, order and deliver the parts you need, where-ever you live.

Body & Paint

We got our own body shop and paint shop. That have great expertise and experience in handeling classic cars.

Check out finished projects

We build custom and project cars to order! Check out some examples of these made to order dream cars from our clients all around the world.

Classic Vs. modern Muscle car

The iconic classic cars of the 60s and 70s have seen renewed interest in the last decade, with the revival of modern muscle cars. What do you choose?

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Maintenance and Upgrades

Maintenance and upkeep is crucial to safeguard your investment. We help you get what you want and get your car what it needs.

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