Our Company Policy

(For additional information or policies, please contact [email protected])

1 Vehicle claims and descriptions:
Vehicle/product descriptions representations and claims on or offline are based on what can be seen by the human eye, documentation, previous professional experience, opinion, factory claims, and, or, information passed on to us by previous owners or restorers, it’s to the best of our knowledge that everything we advertise has all indications of being that claim.

Please inquire as to what documentation we have on the vehicle you are purchasing or feel free to ask any additional questions you might have, but by no means you can accept our answers as facts as they are our interpretation and might not match yours. It is with integrity and honesty that we describe our cars, but they are in fact up to 50 years old. And may have many previous owners, modifications or alterations that are unknown to us. So it is not possible to verify everything about every car in detail.

Thereby, the stated conditions or details of a car can never be taken as a fact. As always, we welcome personal inspections and or independent appraisers prior to a sale. In case we speak of “original” or “Matching numbers” it means that we assume that to be the case, but with old classic cars that by no means a guarantee. So please feel free to verify that in person or with a third party.

PTTM goes a step further than almost every other classic car seller as we also do a full inspection of our vehicles prior to having them for sale in our showroom and make repairs improvements if needed so. And when a vehicle/product is sold, we give a full service check before you receive it.

2 Temporary hold deposits (Car reservations)

These are refundable deposits (up to 10% of the sales price) to hold a vehicle or product so inspections or other arrangement scan be made by the consumer, or these deposits will keep a particular vehicle off the market for a mutual agreed period. This is also possible on vehicles/products that are announced as expected on our website or that are in repair or restoration. Buyer will get his deposit back, minus 10% of that deposit (So not of the sales price) To cover our reservation costs, if a deal is not made for no matter what reason! Or when the reservation period has ended. If however a deal is made and the vehicle/product is purchased by the buyer, these 10% costs are not rated at the end of a reservation/hold period the vehicle must either be paid in full or the reservation will end automatically and the deposit minus the 10% costs will be refunded. If a costumer needs additional time to complete the transaction, special provisions maybe be accorded by management of PTTM through a non-refundable deposit. See below:

3 Non-refundable down pay (intention to buy)

These are down pays of a substantial amount (Usually 10% of the sales price)
That management of PTTM has agreed upon behalf of the buyer that will guarantee the hold of a particular vehicle/product for an extended period of time, no matter if he has seen or not seen or inspected the product. This with the intention to buy the vehicle/products and with the intention to give the buyer some extra time to arrange full payment and/or set a pickup date of the vehicle/product this can be agreed either in writing, email or a spoken word, by both the seller and costume rand full payment and delivery/pick-up of the vehicle/product must be made within a mutual agreed period of time. If for some reasons the buyer cancels the deal, or does not make a full payment, or does not come and pick up the car on a mutual agreed date the down pay or a part of i twill not be refunded, unless PTTM chooses to do so for special reasons. See for more details on our sales contract (On request we can send you one)

4 Shipping/transport

PTTM will help arrange, and in most cases will ship your vehicles anywhere within Europe, or even worldwide (with a third party) at our offered prices, please inquire about shipping charges at the time of purchase or ahead of that. PTTM’s transport is fully insured, and we take the best possible care to transport your car without damage. (enclosed transport) and damage free.

5 Payment methods

PTTM will accept wire transfers, cash, and trade in (Classic cars only)as a payment for our vehicles. Down pays or deposits can only be made by wire or cash.