Are American muscle cars popular in Europe?

Are American muscle cars popular in Europe?

As a car enthusiast, you love everything about American muscle cars. But when you reside in Europe you may wonder why you don’t see those iconic cars cruising the streets that often. A young fan who was roaming our showroom with his father, asked us straight up: Are American muscle cars popular in Europe?

Americans love american muscle cars, and american muscle car fans are proud to show off their american muscle. But what about European customers? Do they share the same appreciation for american muscle as Americans do? Read on to find out!

Does a muscle car have to be American?

By definition an american muscle car is a vehicle that was manufactured in America and has an engine with at least 300 cubic inches of displacement. Is a muscle car not a brand from USA, it’s not american muscle. However, some iconic muscle cars are actually manufactured in Europe by European brands such as Jaguar and Aston Martin and more recently Mercedes AMG and BMW M.

When we speak of the true American classic muscle cars, we see cars as the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger. The american muscle cars that are more likely to be found in Europe will come from brands like Mopar or Pontiac (GTO).

Are muscle cars popular outside the US?

Classic american muscle cars were sold in the sixties and seventies and few made it to Europe. Today , american muscle cars are more popular and can be seen on the streets of Europe. In 2016, american muscle has a resurgence with brands like Jeep (Mopar), Chevrolet (Camaro) and Dodge (Challenger).

The American muscle car is still an iconic piece of america’s automotive industry from over 50 years ago. True collector’s items as they are, most represent a combination of passion as well as an investment for Europeans.

Can American cars be driven in Europe?

The regulations for american cars are different in the US and Europe. In America, american muscle is driven with impunity on public roads but not so much over here. The main difference lies in emissions law that sets strict limits for american vehicles sold outside of the USA.

Fortunately for car enthusiasts who live outside of America (especially those residing abroad), american muscle is still very much alive! European customers are now able to purchase american classic muscle cars from a variety of brands such as Chrysler, Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge.

Are muscle cars sold in Europe?

Classic american muscle cars are not sold from the factory anymore, obviously. Few automotive companies specialize in buying and selling classic american muslce cars, like Pedal to the Metal in the Netherlands. With a collection of 40+ cars that’s constantly growing, Pedal to the Metal is an authority on american muscle car culture.

How can I bring a car from USA to Europe?

Finding your ideal car is no easy task. Importing a car from the USA to Europe requires some research and preparation. Bringing american muscle cars to Europe is a costly affair, that’s for sure!

The cost of bringing your american muscle car from the USA to Europe will depend on where you buy your american classic muscle car – there are different import taxes in other countries.

Pedal to the Metal has many years of experience in buying, restoring and selling true american muscle cars and can help you find your dream car at a fair price, hassle free.