What we do at PTTM

With over 40 years of expertise, Pedal to the Metal has become one of the most trusted names in the American classic muscle car market. We are specialized in finding, buying and selling the most rare and high quality vehicles for our clients all over the world.

Pedal to the Metal Muscle Car Performance is a hobby based company originally started by Fred & Sido. It has evolved out of passion and hobby in muscle cars way back in the 70’s. This passion never left and it was passed on to his son Max, who now is continuing his father’s legacy and company in his name with Sido.

The company has evolved from a shed as a workshop for one car to a fully fletched muscle car garage targeting the entire European market. Our unique selling point is that we do everything under one roof.

We build custom cars, we restore them, and we sell them. Our entire team is very passionate about our and our client’s cars. That’s also why we don’t sell just any car, but rare & high-quality cars only. Each and every car is handpicked, completely inspected and fully serviced before you will ever receive its keys.

That’s something that sounds normal, but it’s not, as most shops don’t even know or care what they’re selling, let alone understand what it all takes to get it in the best possible shape.

Seeing we always look for long-term relationships with our clients we are never out on just a quick sale, but will always do all we can to sell you not only a great quality car but also make sure it’s in the best possible shape when you receive it.

That and our constant great assortment of high-quality cars, combined with our 40+ years of experience, is what set’s PTTM aside from other companies.

Buy a muscle car

We have around 50+ rare and high quality American muscle cars for sale at any time in our heated showroom. Check our regularly updated inventory!

Sell your muscle car

With our extensive experience, knowledge and network you can sell us your car instantly at a fair price or sell in consignment.

Full Service Workshop

Looking for a tune up, a respray or full restoration? All maintenance and renovations are done in house at PTTM.

Expert Advice

Please feel free to contact our sales advisors with ANY questions about muscle cars. What we don't know, we'll definitely find out for our customers!

It all started with a common dream...

Our History

  • 1

    The beginning

    Pedal to the metal started when two friends where practicing their hobby's on a American Muscle car in a shed in Joure The Netherlands.

  • 2

    Their Hobby grew

    One car led to the other. And they expanded their business quickly. And soon they needed to expand to a bigger shop!

  • 3

    Pedal to the metal became one of the biggest Muscle car seller of cars,parts and custom builds in Europe

    The hobby expanded to a full blown-business. And attracted customers over all of Europe and even the USA. The showroom expanded also quickly, and we became the standard of quality in the Muscle cars sector.

  • 4

    Pedal to the metal as of today

    Pedal to the metal has over 40 cars in their showroom and many project cars are being made. From custom build cars, to full restorations. We can do it all. We are an all-around Speed shop. With costumers from all over Europe and further.