The only limitation is your imagination

When you buy a new car, you pick a model and spec it to your liking. All our cars are used and therefore spec’d by its previous owner. When it’s exactly what you want, great! But if not, that’s not the end of it. You don’t have to settle for a car you kind of like. Or even mostly like. You deserve a car that’s exactly what you want. And you can. At Pedal to the Metal you can modify your car to be your dream automobile.

Do you want a more powerful engine? No problem. Do you want modern disc brakes? No issue. Do you want to cut the roof off? No issue. At PTTM you the customer are king, and we’ll change anything you want. Of course, you can trust us to give you feedback how your ideas affect driving characteristics, safety or legal issues or the investment grade of your vehicle.

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PTTM Garage keeps your classic on the road with periodic maintenance and replacement of parts due to wear and tear. Also contact us for wheels, tires and alignment.


Our inhouse engine shop has (re)built numerous v8 engines. With a history of competitive dragracing, we have price winning experience to make your muscle car go even faster!


PTTM takes great pride in restoring classic muscle cars to their factory original state, preserving your investment. And some people say time machines don't exist...


This is where your custom build comes to life. We've built projects such as custom hot rods and Eleanors. All paint and bodywork done inhouse to deliver PTTM quality.